Bangladesh Air Force Job Circular 2020 | Officer Cadet

Bangladesh Biman Job Circular 2020, Air Force Job Circular 2020, BBAL Job Circular 2020, Bangladesh Air Force Job Circular 2020,You will get Bangladesh Air Force job placement, written test date, admit card here.Bangladesh Air Force publishes this appointment on their official website. Good news for those of you who are looking for a new job. The journey of Bangladesh Air Force started during the war. And the journey of this air force is still going on.

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Air Force Job Circular 2020

Those of you who want to get a job at the risk of your life should apply today. Everybody wants to do government job. So who are you?You know Bangladesh Air Force Air Force. To work in this force you have to pass SSC.In order to get a job in the Air Force, you have to have your desire first and then you have to apply according to the rules. Bangladesh Air Force Job Circular 2020 | Officer Cadet


Air Force Officer Course

Manpower has been recruited in the Air Force in various posts such as Engineering Sector, ATC Sector, Aid Dossier etc. Those who want to work in all these posts should apply now and get ready for the written test.

Here you can build a career. After you join the Air Force, you can be promoted. You can be promoted based on your work. Now I will show you how to qualify for a job in different categories.

Engineering: In order to work in this position, you have to have at least a higher secondary pass from the science department. You have to get a minimum GPA of 4.5. You have to get a B grade in at least 5 GCE and Level subjects.

And especially you have to pass from Prokoshal University. You have to get at least GPA 3.00.

ATC: In this subject you have to pass secondary or higher secondary. You have to get GPA 4.5. You have to get 3.00 from any university.

Now you need to know the basics of the initial and physical examination. I am going to discuss these issues with you now.You have to read this post completely to know the details about all the issues.Let’s go and see what you need to know. Bangladesh Air Force Job Circular 2020 | Officer Cadet

Those who will be considered as ineligible candidates

* Candidates who voluntarily resign from government service such as army, navy, etc. will be considered as ineligible candidates.

* Those who receive any kind of notice by the court for any reason will be considered as ineligible candidates.

* If a CMB is rejected from the Medical Board, he will be considered as an ineligible candidate.Now I will explain to you the selection process:

Preliminary written test:

You will be given a written test on basic written tests such as IQ, English, Maths, Physics etc.After your initial medical examination you will be taken oral examination, health examination will be taken.This time I will explain to you about the special facilities.During the training you will be paid a monthly salary of Rs.

Application Process

In order to collect the application, you have to apply in favor of BA-F, which is eligible for non-refundable bank drop-off of Rs.1000 thousand.

You can even apply online.You will see the application process I have given you.To apply you have to go to this site


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