15th NRTCA Final Exam Result 2020

15th NRTCA Final Exam Result 2020

15th NRTCA Result : The 15th Registration at the School and College Level (15th NTRCA) completed the preliminary and written examination.The final results of the NTRCA viva have also been published.In the meantime those tests were ready and the results were published.However, the results of the Fifth NTRCA Examination have been published on ATRCA.Teletalk.com.bd.

How do you see the result of the 8th Registration Test? The answer to this question is discussed below. Check your NRTCA Result Official Website www.nrtca.gov.bd


Results of the 5th NTRCA Examination will be published. Private teachers can be called Registration and Certification Authority. Results of the 5th NTRCA Exam will be released. Registration and certification of private teachers can be called authority and can be found on the official web site.The results of the (NTRCA) test can be seen on the official website of NTRCA.If the 15th NTRCA results are enabled, you can check your result.


15th NTRCA Exam Expired So it’s time for the results of the Viva Test.At any time during the NTRCA test results.We promise that through our web site you will be able to check all the results of your viewing results.So, we promise to give you the result first.

And those who pass the oral examination can join as a school college teacher. The ATRCA will allow all eligible candidates to join.

15th NRTCA Exam Result 2020:

15th NRTCA Final Exam Result 2020

The final result of the candidates appeared in the examination of Written and Oral Examination Results of the 15th Teacher Registration Test.For the sake of all the candidates, it is reported that 13345 candidates appeared in the Written Examination of the Fifteenth Teacher Registration, taken by the Private Teacher Registration (NTRCA) on 26 and 27 July.Of the above candidates, a total of 12901 oral participants, including 741 at the school-two level,  at the school-level and 1581 at the college-level and 10579 at the college-level.

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